Protex Epoxy Paint

Keeping up with the latest demands of customers, we, as a trusted Supplier strive to provide quality Protex Epoxy Paint. Our warehouse is installed with advanced machines and all required amenities ensuring safe storage of diverse kinds of products requiring different storage temperatures and conditions. We make available, Protex Epoxy Paint, which is known for its high resistance to alkalinity.



Product   Packing  Size  Available  
White,  Golden  Yellow,  Fire  Red,  ,  Oxford  Blue,  Phiroza,  Apple  Green  ,  Sky  Blue  &  all  pastel  shades.   20  L,  10  L,  4  L,  1  L,  500  ml  
Black,  Light  Grey,  Smoke  Grey,  Dark  Grey,  Brown  
Bus  Green,  Bottle  Green,  P.O.  Red,  Signal  Red,  Deep  Orange  
Aluminium  (Silver)  
Coal  Tar  
Hardener   10  L,  4  L,  1  L,  500  ml